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Getting professional advice can help improve your finances for whatever comes next. Here's how an advisor can help.

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Narrator: We all need a solid financial plan.

Description: Two hands holding a map move into frame.

Narrator: And the earlier you start, the better off you’ll be later in life.

Description: The hands slide the map into a satchel bag.

Narrator: Canadians who work with an advisor for at least 15 years build up almost four times more wealth.

Description: Cut to a young woman holding satchel. Text “4 times more money*” appears above her. Reference appears below: “Advice Creates Strong Value for Canadians, Advisor Insights, May 2017.”

Narrator: That can help them better prepare for life’s unexpected bumps.

Description: The ground starts to shake. She keeps her balance.

Narrator: Backed by a team of experts…

Description: Camera pans up, four hands come together.

Narrator: our advisors will help you see the big picture, through four key building blocks:

Description: Each hand opens to place a block in the middle of the frame.

Narrator: cash flow, income protection, retirement and estate planning.

Description: Each block is labelled counter-clockwise: “Cash flow,” “Income protection,” “Retirement” and “Estate planning.”

Narrator: They’ll take the time to understand your unique needs

Description: A circle is drawn around the four blocks to create a compass.

Narrator: both now and for the future.

Description: The compass lands in the bottom corner of the map. One pin appears. A wavy path is drawn to a second pin.

Narrator: They’ll let you know what to bring to the first meeting.

Description: A tax return, pay stub and questionnaire appear, with checkmarks above.

Narrator: And you’ll get a better sense if the relationship will work.

Description: A coffee slides in to meet another.

Narrator: By sharing details about your short- and long-term financial goals,

Description: Camera pans back up to map. More pins are added along the path, between the start and end pins.

Narrator: an advisor will work with your budget to form a plan.

Description: The woman’s hand moves into frame, distributing money to each pin on the map.

Narrator: From early in your career when you may need money on hand,

Description: An advisor’s hand moves into frame and suggests moving more money to the beginning of the path.

Narrator: to when you’re ready to retire and secure your legacy.

Description: The advisor also gestures towards the end of the path. The woman moves more money there.

Narrator: Our advisors build long-term relationships with clients,

Description: The budget is confirmed. Both hands give each other a thumbs-up.

Narrator: they’ll check in with you regularly and track your progress,

Description: Return to map. Advisor adjusts one of the pins.

Narrator: And help you adjust for life’s surprises.

Description: Financial life events appear for each pin: a new car, loan, celebration, mortgage, travel, illness.

Narrator: Regardless of where you are in life,

Description: The map folds itself and slides into a Freedom 55 Financial folder, held by the advisor.

Narrator: having a sound financial plan now,

Description: The advisor passes the folder to the woman. She places it in her satchel.

Narrator: will help you feel confident as you prepare for tomorrow.

Description: She smiles at the camera and gives a thumbs up.

Narrator: Let’s get you started today.

Description: Text “Let’s get you started today.” appears with Freedom 55 Financial logo and legal lines.

Chris Foster

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

We are your financial puzzle pros! Your financial puzzle is unique to you and our job is to help you piece that puzzle together.

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